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ProLiteracy's Women in Literacy Programs in South India Get Boost

South India Women in LiteracyProLiteracy has been working with programs in South India for more than 40 years. Specifically, in the cities of Coimbartore, Madurai, and Cochin, ProLiteracy’s Women in Literacy work has reached approximately 263,944 women and their families since 1992. Now, our impact has been bolstered by a three year grant from United Methodist Women specifically for these South Indian programs.

The project will be a collaboration between ProLiteracy, Yuva Parivartan, Set-Win, and Laubach Literacy Educational Trust (LLET) to advance safety and empowerment of women and children within a network of interrelated education and development programs in 58 communities. The project will enable these women and children to overcome human rights abuses, advance income through microbusiness development, and improve health in such areas as child wellness, AIDS prevention, prenatal care and nutrition.

“Within the poorest segments of India’s population, women are often the most severely marginalized. Many Indian women lack access to educational and economic opportunities,” says Alesha Anderson, ProLiteracy’s international programs manager. “With this funding, we’ll be able to enroll new participants in the program, retrain teachers, and hire new teachers, all in an effort to make women’s empowerment in these communities sustainable.”

The project’s expected outcomes include:

a) an awareness of laws, policies, practices, attitudes, and actions that advance human rights in homes and communities

b) protection from abuse, violence, discrimination, and sexual assault

c) practical social and economic alternatives to conditions of abuse and poverty that restrict and harm women

d) access to basic reading and writing capacity within the context of daily-life issues

e) advancement of education for children, particularly girls

f) advancement of income through vocational training and microbusiness development

g) Improvement of home and community health in such areas as child wellness, AIDS prevention, first aid, prenatal care, and nutrition

About the Partners

This project is based on ProLiteracy’s proven education and development approach known as Literacy for Social Change. ProLiteracy will help local international partner organizations successfully combine basic education with individual, family, and community improvement. ProLiteracy enables these independent partner organizations to operate on a self-reliant basis, with ProLiteracy leadership providing the impetus for curriculum development and program expansion and improvement.

Yuvaparivartan is an non-governmental organization working on literacy and human rights programs in 20 rural and urban sites. Most of the more than 1,130 learners in the program are tribal women and their children who face gender violence and discrimination. Learners gain basic literacy skills as a means to overcome such realities of abuse and mistreatment. The program initiates village health clinics, girls’ schools, and small business projects.

Set-Win works in Tamil Nadu to generate new skills and information for women to analyze and overcome such practices as female infanticide, spouse abuse, and child marriages. Action examples include schools for girls, small loans and businesses, and health clinics.

LLET, ProLiteracy’s longest standing partner, operates in 26 urban and rural communities. In areas where class, gender, and religious differences are sources of public conflict, the program transcends traditional social boundaries with literacy, vocational training, individual and cooperative business development, children’s education, and health education and services.

Learn more about ProLiteracy’s international programs and Women in Literacy initiative.


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