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ProLiteracy Launches Second Literacy for Social Change Training on Near West Side

ProLiteracy, the largest adult literacy and basic education membership organization in the country, will hold a second Literacy for Social Change training on the Near West Side of Syracuse for Huntington Family Centers on January 17, 2013, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. The training will exclusively focus on men and women who are connected with a family support network program at Huntington, which works with vulnerable populations on education, employment, housing, equity, and safety.

The goal of the Literacy for Social Change training is to provide the participants with a safe place to share their common challenges and find active solutions they can take together. Some of the issues the participants are already working on include mental health, reading levels, parenting, and bullying.

ProLiteracy’s first Literacy for Social Change training, in June 2012, involved the Westside Residents Coalition and resulted in a continual community effort to keep sidewalks and streets clear of snow and ice. Out of this work, the group is hoping to form a small business called Westside Walks.

“The ultimate goal of Literacy for Social Change is action,” says Kofi Addai, project coordinator. “The training helps communities see how the unique challenges they face together can be solved through their own actions. Whether it’s snow-free sidewalks, healthy families, or access to reading and writing resources—something good always comes out of Literacy for Social Change.”

Addai will lead the training with Taywana “Mother Earth” James, project outreach assistant and a Westside resident. The training, made possible with support from the Allyn Foundation, will take place at ProLiteracy’s headquarters on Marcellus and Fayette Streets in Syracuse.

For more information on ProLiteracy’s Literacy for Social Change initiative, visit our international programs website, our Colvin Center website, and ProLiteracy EdNet.


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