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Inspirational Video: Adult Learner Shares Her Story

ProLiteracy believes every adult has the right to literacy. It took some time and some courage, but Valerie Curtis believes this now too.

Valerie, of Provo, Utah, started her journey towards literacy in her 50s. Through the help of Project Read, a ProLiteracy member organization, she became literate and literacy has drastically changed her life.

Valerie had reading challenges as a student, which continued throughout most of her adult life. She was unable to work in a job that she wanted, and her health suffered from her low literacy skills. Now she is 181 pounds healthier, has found jobs that she enjoys, and she is even an award-winning poet.

Her story and her journey are an inspiration to all. As she herself says, the first step is admitting literacy difficulties, because there are people and organizations that can help.

A video of her story, originally presented at the U.S. Conference on Adult Literacy in Washington, D.C. in October 2013, is available here.

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