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Literacy for Social Change

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"Everyone has a destiny. But it requires hard work, dedication, commitment, honesty, and readiness to reach it.”

Mama Tohr

— Mama Tohr, adult learner and Monrovian businesswoman

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Literacy for Social Change

We believe that the abilities to read, write, and perform basic math are human rights, fundamental to other learning and to being successful in today's world. Yet nearly 800 million adults—one in five adults worldwide—lack basic literacy skills. Literacy for Social Change integrates learning and community improvement by teaching basic literacy skills along with critical thinking and cultural expression for individual and community action.

The resources available here will help you understand the role adult literacy plays in many social change efforts. You can learn how to support literacy and social change initiatives around the world, in your region, and in your community.

Action Areas

Children's EducationChildren's Education

Economic Self-RelianceEconomic Self-Reliance

This learning-based micro-finance and enterprise program helps residents of poor communities create, manage, and operate profitable small ventures.



Through literacy instruction, individuals learn how they can prevent, treat, and organize themselves against the devastating effects of common local diseases, tropical diseases, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

Human Rights and the Status of WomenHuman Rights and the Status of Women
(Women in Literacy)

Two-thirds of the world's non-literateadults are women. This initiative emphasizes giving women the literacy skills they need to fight poverty, stay healthy, and confront discrimination.

Peace and Conflict ResolutionPeace and Conflict Resolution

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