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Connecting Adults

By connecting adults in need to programs that can help, more people are gaining the skills they need to understand the financial, health care, employment, and legal issues that affect their daily lives.

Dollar General Store-Generated Referrals 

It’s not always easy to find the literacy help you need—especially when you can’t read, write, or use the Internet. That’s why personal outreach programs like the Student Referral and Tracking Project work so well.


70,000 students and volunteers
have been referred to local literacy programs through the Dollar GeneralStudent Referral project.


The program starts right inside Dollar General’s 10,000 stores. Each store displays a student referral brochure at its checkout counter. Prospective students or family members send an enclosed postcard to ProLiteracy, so we can refer them to local literacy programs. Then, the local programs reach out directly to prospective students, encouraging them to take the next step and enroll in a program. In order to track the progress of students, ProLiteracy follows up with service providers after six months. With this team approach to finding and nurturing people who need help, we’ve connected 70,000 adults to the literacy resources they need. Get more information about the Student Referral and Tracking Project.

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