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"The most important and transformational educational opportunity I had in my life was when I went through a 21-hour, four-part free training to be a volunteer tutor. It changed my life...and led to a very rich, varied, and fulfilling career in adult education."
--Jeff Fantine, State Director of Adult Education and Family Literacy, Maine
Jeff Fantine

Take Your Literacy Program Higher

Discover the best adult literacy practices and teaching tools available today through our nationally recognized certification programs. Based on the highest standards for adult education, our programs help you boost your skills, knowledge, and competencies—so your literacy organization can help more adult learners succeed.

Explore our Trainer Certification Program

Train the next generation of literacy instructors by becoming a Certified Trainer in basic literacy and English for speakers of other languages (ESOL). With face-to-face seminars, online tools, and networking opportunities, trainers get the resources they need to meet national standards for adult literacy education while also demonstrating excellent competency in tutor training. Learn more about Trainer Certification.



   adult literacy trainers are certified
   every year by ProLiteracy. 


Learn about our Program Improvement Certification

Take your program leadership skills to the next level as a Certified Manager in Program Improvement. Through workshops and online courses developed by ProLiteracy and the National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium, program managers explore how program assessment, current research in adult education, data collection and analysis, student retention, instructor development, and leadership skills can improve the services their programs provide. Find out more through the Leadership Excellence Academies.

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