Joe Budden Inspired to Get His GED
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on March 17, 2020 in categoryNews

Lil Baby, the Atlanta rapper made popular by his album Harder Than Ever featuring big names like Drake, Offset, and Lil Uzi Vert, recently shared on Joe Budden’s YouTube series Pull Up that he received his GED to get a shorter prison sentence. Budden then revealed that he dropped out of high school in ninth grade and never took his GED.

“I might take it one day, because I might want to go to college one day,” said Budden. He explained that after dropping out of high school, summer school, and vocational school he decided not to take his GED. “I’m going to do that, you inspired me,” Budden added.

At age 40, Budden shows that education has no age limit. When Lil Baby shared his journey, it also allowed Budden to expand his limits of possibility.

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