ProLiteracy’s International Fight for Women’s Education and Literacy

ProLiteracy just concluded a health literacy pilot that integrated health education into basic literacy instruction designed specifically to address unique needs and strengths of women in under-developed communities in Liberia, South Africa, and Rwanda. 

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3 Ways to Support Vulnerable Women with Low Skills

Women with low literacy skills are at risk in finances or health. Exclusion from literacy could limit their independence, and we have an ethical responsibility to protect women, particularly those living with violence. Learn three ways to support vulnerable women with low skills.

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Lancôme & ProLiteracy Celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of the Write Her Future Institute
Posted by Jessica Gilmour on September 08, 2020 in categoryWomen's EmpowermentcategoryNews

Lancôme & ProLiteracy celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Write Her Future Institute, a program created to increase literacy rates among women and raise awareness of the critical issue of low adult literacy.

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The Women Writing their own Futures: Guilda’s Story
Write Her Future Institute, Guilda Castro
These are the words of Guilda Castro:
Hi my name is Guilda Castro a 45 years old Ecuatorian housewife living in the U.S for the last 4 years with my 3 boys and husband and I working at a school cleaning and disinfecting the rooms due to the quarantine, I love my job because…

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The Women Writing their own Futures: Tatiana’s Story
Write Her Future Institute, Tatiana Baciu
These are the words of Tatiana Baciu:
My name is Tatiana Baciu. I dived in a new world for me looking for my place in it. I am in the new world, the world of possibilities and…

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Research proves the correlation between obtaining literacy skills and the return on investment related to improving an adult’s life and future.

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