Become an Adult Literacy Advocate

Your voice can make the difference for adult literacy

As a ProLiteracy advocate you can help strengthen our voice to create awareness of adult literacy challenges, influence public policy, and create needed change.

Become a dedicated change-maker for adult literacy

You can make a big difference in just a few minutes. That's all it takes to contact your elected officials and urge them to take action on behalf of adult learners around the nation. The actions of our government have an enormous impact on the lives of you and your family, and we hope you'll use this site to learn about things that matter to you.

Please take the following actions:

1. Take part in our Letters for Literacy Campaign to change lives by writing letters and reminding our representatives how essential literacy resources are.

2. When you receive action alerts from us, please send an email to your elected officials to urge them to take action on behalf of adult literacy and basic education programs and learners. Find your elected official

Everything you need to get started is in the Advocacy Toolkit

Tell your elected officials that adult literacy is an important issue for us all: 

  • Adult literacy talking points 
  • Tips for calling an elected official 
  • Tips on sending a message to your representative in congress 
  • Tips for getting on the record in town hall meetings or public hearings 
  • Tips on In-District Group Visits 
  • Tips for writing letters to the editor

Download the Toolkit

Become an Advocate 1x1

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