Tutor Training COMING SOON

To help tutors be more prepared, ProLiteracy has developed new tutor training to utilize instructor-friendly technology that will reflect the latest research, best practices, and most innovative strategies in the field. 


Manageable Learning Environment:

  • Videos demonstrating several teaching approaches and strategies
  • Flexible modular design to incorporate into existing tutor trainings
  • Lesson plans and classroom activities that can be adapted to any curriculum
Blended Learning Capabilities
  • Download materials—such as trainer’s manuals with speaker notes, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and videos—to integrate into existing in-person training methods
  • Assign online training courses to potential tutors that can be completed at their pace
Online and Print Training Materials
  • Prepare tutors before their in-person training begins
  • Provide quick and easy training when an in-person session does not fit everyone’s schedule
  • Offer make-up training for missed sessions
  • Provide pathways to meet the training needs of diverse volunteer populations
  • Offer continued education and support for tutors
Tutor Training will be available through ProLiteracy Education Network. Check back for updates.


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